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Harry Lin, CPA, a Professional Corporation, was founded in City of Industry, California in 1991 by Mr. Harry C. Lin and other former partners to provide accounting, tax, and management advisory and consulting services. In the last 10 years, the firm has expanded rapidly in terms of number of clients and the professional fields it serves. Nowadays the firm has had a substantial presence in southern California, especially within the ethnic Chinese business communities, and is known for its expertise in hospitality, rental real estate, professional services, manufacturing, import export, and distribution industries. In addition to the target market of mid-size to small businesses, the firm also provides various financial and tax services to certain high net-worth individuals and non-for profit organizations.

We at Harry C. Lin, CPA provide a wide range of professional services, including:

Accounting & Auditing

We perform accounting services, such as compilation, review, and audit of financial statements. We also provide support for management in the preparation of internal financial statements. We also perform various agreed-upon procedures to help our clients cope with business decisions, including acquisition and disposition due diligence and audit of elements of financial statements.

All of our audit clients are subsidiaries of major companies in Taiwan, most of which are publicly traded companies or companies in the process of initial public offering. Through the coordinated worldwide audit engagements with auditors of our clientsĦĤ parent companies over the last few years, we have also developed liaison relationships with several Big Five accounting firms in Taiwan.

While our compilation clients are spread all over various business disciplines, our review and audit clients are concentrated in the following areas:

ĦE Semiconductor design-manufacturing
ĦE Machinery
ĦE Marketing and Research
ĦE Animation film production
ĦE Import-Export


Many of our principals have strong taxation background and, therefore, provide a unique tax expertise to our clients. Unlike most of the accounting firms that provide only compliance services with low level of tax skills, we take a stake on the potential tax savings on our clients by providing the most experienced and updated information to our clients. The strength lies particularly in real estate partnership/LLC taxation and international taxation.

The quality of our tax department is so well recognized that we, one of the only two local firms that receive such recognition, entered into a liaison relationship with one of the Big Five accounting firm in Los Angeles for them to sub-contract extra tax season works to us. Harry C. Lin also gives speeches and lectures on current tax issues in various seminars and higher educational institutions, including California State University at Los Angeles ,Long Beach, and California Polytechnic University at Pomona.

We offer the following tax services:

ĦE Tax Compliance
ĦE General Tax Planning
ĦE Tax Audit Advocacy
ĦE Tax Structure Design & Consultation
ĦE 1031 Exchange
ĦE Pre-immigration and Post-immigration tax planning
ĦE Business Acquisition Consulting
ĦE Payroll Tax, Sales Tax, and Property Tax Compliance

Management Advisory Services

Business executives depend on us for counsel and advice on numerous difficulties. Our approach to client relationship is one of total involvement, with the objectives of maximizing efficiency and minimizing risks. Our capabilities include:

ĦE Accounting Software Installation and Consultation
ĦE Private Corporate Controllership
ĦE Assistance in Credit Acquisition
ĦE Training and Recruiting of Accounting Personnel
ĦE Deferred Compensation and Fringe Benefit

Consulting Services

We have the experience of providing a diversified menu of consulting services. Besides strict abidance of professional promulgations, we believe that our creativity and our business knowledge base are priceless to the success of our clientsĦĤ projects.

ĦE Litigation Support
ĦE Due Diligence
ĦE Business Valuatio n
ĦE Financial Analysis
ĦE Financial Projection and Forecast.

Financial Advisory Services

For a business start-up, we an assist with capital raising as well as the debt management. Our team has extensive experience of start-ups. Our services include strategic advise, business planning, recruitment, system development, and, most importantly, assist business development and expansion through leveraging our relations with existing clients.

Real Estate
Our Real Estate Group services include real estate, taxation, audit, appraisal and hospitality advisory services, corporate real estate services, capital markets, institutional investor services, integration systems, operational consulting and other business advisory services. Through our extensive network of contacts in the real estate and financial communities, we also help many of our clients develop mutually beneficial business and financial relationships.

Our services cover a wide range of business needs, including:

ĦE Audit of Financial Statements

ĦE Audit of Corporate Income Tax Returns

ĦE Review of Interim Financial Statements

ĦE Review of Financial Forecast

ĦE Review of Affiliates' Reporting

ĦE Agreed-Upon Procedures

ĦE Special Audits

ĦE Examination of Internal Controls

ĦE Domestic IPO Planning and Consultation 

ĦE US GAAP and IFRS Conversion

ĦE Consultation on Accounting, Tax, Business, and Other Regulatory Matters